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Chicago Pneumatic is a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of Screw Air-Oil/100% Oil Free/PET/Piston/CNG Compressors. Chicago Pneumatic, also known as "CP", is an industrial manufacturer providing power tools, air compressors, generators, light towers and hydraulic equipment. Products are sold in more than 150 countries through a worldwide distribution network. What sets us apart from other screw compressor manufacturers is a 100 years of legacy of delivering the reliable products and solutions, tailored to the needs of our customers.

Chicago Pneumatic has been in the Indian market for more than 100 years, with the headquarters located in Pune, Maharashtra. Our quality compressors offer pioneering design,high impact technology and unmatched durability. Chicago Pneumatic Compressors are the pioneers in this field and have already supplied compressors all over India. The Company is supplying to all the industries like Steel, Automobile, Cement, Textile, Sugar, Agro Products, Petrochemicals, Engineering, Plastic, Pharmaceuticals, Power Plants, Construction, Fertilizer, Chemicals, Food & Beverages, etc.

The Company manufactures the following range of Compressors & other ancillary products.

  • Cast Iron Industrial Piston Compressor
  • Oil Injected Electric Screw Compressor
  • 100% Oil Free Reciprocating Compressor
  • 100% Oil Free High-Pressure Compressor
  • 100% Oil Free Water Injected Screw Air Compressor. 
  • Nitrogen Generator - PSA & Membrane Type
  • High Pressure Booster
  • AIRNET - Extruded Aluminum Compressed Air Piping.
  • Refrigerated Air Dryer
  • Oil Removal Filter
  • Air Receiver
  • After Market Products & Spares.

Cast Iron Piston Air Compressor

A reliable and robust range, built with top quality components with cast Iron block piston for rugged industrial duty. Available in 3HP - 10HP.

The compressor blocks are running at optimal speed, to ensure lower noise levels and extended lifetimes, guaranteeing a greater performance. They are perfectly suitable for the more demanding and itensive applications.

Screw Air Compressors

Chicago Pneumatic is a leader in the design and manufacture of industrial air compressors, including tank-mounted and dryer version compressors. One of them being Screw Air Compressor also known as Rotary Screw Compressor is further classified in two different categories - Oil Injected Rotary Screw Compressor and 100% Oil Free Screw Air Compressors

CPN Screw Compressors

Small & compact design with less than 1m² footprint and 35% more energy efficient than power sized piston compressor. CPN Screw Compressor ranges from a 3-20 HP compact rotary screw compressor which is ideal for small industrial applications such as winery, garages, paint shops, tire shops and many more. The built-in technology and compact design makes the compressor 35% more energy efficient than a power sized piston compressor. The design of the compressor allows the machine to perform 100% and for 24 hrs a day thus working continuously. The CPN screw compressor is reliable, has longer life, contain lower oil residual in compressed air and has pulsation free air.

CPM Screw Compressors

Quite, complete & compact design made to fit in 1m² of space. Engineered for high performance, efficiency and reliability the CPM screw air compressor series can meet the compressed air demands of a tire shop, maintenance shop, vehicle body shop, paint shop or automotive dealership. CPM Screw Compressor ranges from a 3-7.5 HP compact air compressor which is ideal for tire shops, paint shops, automotive dealerships and related verticals. The tank-mounted compressor with dryer is tailored to installations that need to produce compressed air with a low dew point. With excellent performance results the compressor assure reliability and longer life as compared to that of a piston compressor and thus give quality compressed air.

CPA Screw Compressor

A flexible drive rotary screw air compressor is known for decade with a strong reputation of quality and top performance. This series is available in power ranging from 7-20 HP.

Tank mounted air compressors

Tank Mounted air compressors are especially suitable for new or independent installations where compressed air with a low noise level is needed. The unit consists of a compressor and tank.

CPB Screw Compressors

A flexible drive rotary screw air compressor with high-efficiency compression system to maximize productivity. It is a unique design available in three product variants range. The capacity of CPB series ranging from 15-30 HP guarantees constant performance over time.

Gear Drive Compressor

The gear driven rotary screw air compressors with new product dimension comes with gear drive technology for energy efficient production. The gear driven transmission maximizes machine output for the given pressure and power. The series range from 100 HP- 480 HP. Maximize productivity with reliable compressed air solutions.

The gear driven range of oil-injected screw compressors is the true standard in the industry. The components have been carefully selected to assure optimal quality and reliability. While the footprint is reduced due to the smart transmission system and component arrangement, performance is guaranteed thanks to the in-house designed air end.

Inverter Driven Variable Speed Drive Compressors

The IVR Screw Air Compressor series saves over 35% power and consumes less energy, thus ensure you big savings and is environmental friendly

  1. IVR machine varies capacity to suit your air demand for saving power.
  2. Built-in IVR drive for maximum reliability.
  3. Factory-tested machine at critical speed to minimize vibration/resonance risk.
  4. Eliminates unloading power to almost 0%
  5. Ensures fastest payback.
  6. Promises lowest operating cost.
  7. Regulates pressure within 0.1 bar.
  8. Assures constant power factor.
  9. Guarantees easy maintenance.
  10. Assures reduced carbon dioxide emissions saving environment

100% Oil Free Air Compressors

Complete series of 100% Oil Free Air Compressors ranging from 15-540 HP are proven to be 35% more energy efficient with inverter. Oil Free Air Compressors ensures quality & purity in the compressed air to meet the demands of industries where the air quality is vital. This series can serve industries like Power plants, Oil & Gas. Textile, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverages, Cement and many more.

High Pressure PET Air Compressor - Both canopy and open type

High Pressure PET Air Compressor - Both canopy and open type for your PET blow moulding operations. Power efficient, low reciprocating masses with lower inertia loads and lesser friction. Compact, small foot print and easy to install design ranging from 25-335 HP.

Oil Free Air Compressors

HX-HN range of 100% Oil Free Air Compressors for every industry and application that demand quality air. HX-HN compressors are 35% more energy efficient with inverters and range form 15-215 HP.

Silenced Oil Free Air Compressor

Px/Pxi series is an advanced silence and canopy based version of 100% oil free air compressor. Smartly designed with sound enclosures for industries like pharmaceutical, food and beverages, chemical processing, cement & electronics.


A 100% Oil Free Piston Compressor that produce compressed air at the highest quality for dental and other medical needs where hygiene and clean air is a must. Clean AIR is a 100% Oil Free Piston Compressor suitable for dental, food processing and laboratory type of applications. The compressors design has an open-frame and silenced models. Integrated with absorption dryer option this compressor comes in comprehensive range from 1.5-2.5 HP which is suitable for up to 5 dental units


100% oil-free scroll compressor provide high-quality compressed air for critical applications in wide range of industries such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, electronics and textiles that cannot risk any chance of oil contamination in their processes. Range from 2-30 HP. Spiral AIR known for ultimate 100% oil-free clean air contains no filtration system to remove oil along the network. Equipped with high-efficiency IE3 motor these machines an energy efficient that does not unload power consumption. These machines are made of high quality material that require minimal number of moving parts, minimal service interventions and no oil change and oil waste management thus ensuring long operating life.


100% oil-free water injected screw compressor provide high-quality compressed air for critical applications in wide range of industries such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, electronics and textiles that cannot risk any chance of oil contamination in their processes. Range from 20-75 HP. WisAIR known for ultimate 100% oil-free clean air is integrated with air dryer that enhances the air quality and protects your air network against corrosion. The low air discharge temperatures, optimized rotor profiles and no bearing losses makes the machine most energy efficient compressor. Its integrated inverter technology assures a perfect match of air supply and air demand eliminating no load power losses. WisAIR is made of durable material to exclude any risk of corrosion thus making it a reliable product.

CNG Compressors

Compressed Natural Gas for a greener environment

  • Robust, Reliable & Proven design. 
  • Power Efficient 
  • Zero gas losses due to pressurised crankcase design 
  • Remote monitoring through Scada/GSM technology 
  • Complete solutions for CNG refuelling stations 

AIRnet piping system: designed to perform

Match your great compressor with a fast, easy and reliable piping solution that supports the operational excellence of your whole compressed air system.Piping perfectly adapted to your compressed Air set-up. AIRnet is a high-end solution to optimize your compressed air piping system. It allows easy sizing, planning and installation of a piping network, perfectly adapted to your needs. The lightweight materials and flexible design reduce installation and maintenance costs. AIRnet is the safe and reliable option, and the best investment choice you can make. AIRnet is designed for minimal pressure loss and maximum energy efficiency. The corrosion-free aluminum AIRnet pipes and leak-proof connections minimize friction, ensuring a smooth flow throughout the network. AIRnet pipes and fittings can be connected to any existing piping network. Thanks to its wide range of interchangeable and reusable components, it can be modified easily to accommodate extensions or capacity changes. This makes AIRnet the future-oriented solution offering maximum flexibility at the lowest cost.

CPZ - Refrigerant Dryers

The CPZ refrigerant dryers guarantee dry and qualitative compressed air which prologues the lifetime of your equipment and ensures a superior production quality. Water vapor is eliminated, avoiding corrosion in your compressed air network and tools. All in all this lowers your maintenance costs and improves your overall production process for complete peace of mind.

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