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  Product Profile
  Bray Resilient seated Butterfly Valves
  Bray HP butterfly Valve
  Bray HVAC Butterfly Valve
  Bray Large Dia (550-1800mm) Butterfly Valve
  Bray manual operator
  Bray Pilot Operated Solenoid Valve
  Bray Proxsensor
  Bray PTFE Seated Butterfly Valve
  Bray PTFE Seated HP Butterfly Valve
  Bray Series 64 Positioner
  Bray Series 65 Positioner
  Bray series 67 Positioner
  Bray series 73 Electric Actuator
  Bray Series 90-91 Pneumatic Actuator
  Bray Series 90-91 SS Pneumatic Actuator
  Bray Series 92-93 Pneumatic Actuator
  Bray Solenoid Valve
  Bray SS Gear Operator
  Bray SS316 Butterfly valve
  Bray Valve Status Monitor
  Bray Wafer-Lug Butterfly Valve (Sanitary,Chemical)
  Bray Wafer-Lug Butterfly Valve
  Flowtek 1Pc #150 Ball Valve
  Flowtek 1Pc Ball Valve Scr
  Flowtek 1Pc RB Ball Valve Scr
  Flowtek 2Pc Ball Valve Flanged
  Flowtek 2Pc Std Port Ball Valve Scr
  Flowtek 2Pc Threaded FB Ball Valve Series85
  Flowtek 2Pc Threaded FB Ball Valve
  Flowtek 3Pc Ball Valve
  Flowtek 3Pc FB Ball Valves
  flowtek 3way ball valve threaded
  Flowtek Automation selection Guide
  Flowtek Ball Valve Design Features
  Flowtek Ball Valve S85RR
  Flowtek Ball valves TK7
  Flowtek Ball Valves TRIAD
  Flowtek Ball Valves trunnion
  Flowtek Gear Operator
  Flowtek High Pressure Ball valve Scr
  Flowtek Media Containment Unit
  Flowtek Micro Pure Series
  Flowtek Multiport Valves
  Flowtek Petro Series Ball Valve
  Flowtek Valve Positioner Monitor
  Flowtek Valve Selection Guide
  Flowtek V-Ball Valve
  Bray Scotch Actuator S98

Bray Controls India Private Limited., is the 100% owned subsidiary of Bray International, Inc., USA, the second largest Butterfly valve manufacturing company in the world. Bray Controls, with major manufacturing locations in USA and China, India and over 300 sales and distribution centers, enjoying leading position in many countries.

Throughout the history, Bray has earned a reputation of excellence by creating products of superior value and quality, providing personalized customer service and on-time delivery. Bray India is committed to create products with world class quality, which we will be proud of.

Bray Product range includes:

1. Resilient Seated Butterfly valves in single piece body design with wafer and Lugged ends, Size ranging from DN 50 to DN 2900. Pressure rating 150 psig. & 235 psig.

2. High Performance Butterfly valves with RPTFE seat. Size ranging from DN 50 to DN 1500 & pressure rating Class 150, Class 300 & Class 600.

3. Resilient Seated Butterfly valves in two piece body design, wafer and Lugged ends, Size ranging from DN 25 to DN 500.

4. Teflon lined Butterfly valves in size ranging from DN 50 to DN 600 (wafer & Lugged body) & pressure rating 150 PSIG (10 Bar).

5. Triple offset metal seated tight shutoff valves in size ranging from DN 80 to DN 900 & pressure Rating - Class 150, Class 300 and Class 600.

6. Specialty Valves for highly abrasive slurries in size ranging from 2” to 24”.

7. Ball valves in size range from DN 15 DN 300, pressure rating Class 150 to Class 900, floating Ball & Trunnion mounted, soft seated and Metal seated designs.

8. Segmented and V-port ball valves up to DN 300.

9. Electric Actuators

10. Pneumatic Actuators – Rack & Pinion as well as scotch-yoke.

11. Valve status monitor / Limit switch box

12. Valve Positioners (Bray valve status monitor & Positioners are compatible to Foundation Field Bus / Profibus / Devicenet / Lonworks and AS-i systems).

13. Wafer Swing Check valves in size range from DN 15 to DN 1500, pressure rating - Class 150 to Class 2500.

We proud to serve valued customer like Reliance Industries, Essar Refinery, ABG Shipyard,Kribhco Shyam Fertilizer, Grasim Chemicals, Tata Chemical, GFL, GHCL, Hindalco ( BirlaCopper), KBK Chem Engineering, JSPL, PPN, L & T, Adani Power, Tata power, NHPC, BHEL, NTPC to name a few. We are approved with PMC/TPI, EIL, Toyo, IFFCO, UHDE, PDIL,FLOUR, Bechtel, Shell etc.


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